Grease Trap

EPWWS takes pride in providing the highest quality of water and wastewater services to our community. At times, our sewer lines are affected or clogged with fats, oils and greases from commercial food service/processing establishments in our community. It is our job to prevent such clogs & overflows from happening.

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2015 Billing Routes

Billing Routes

New billing / metering routes will be implemented in 2015 and your current payment date may be changing with these routes.

2015 Billing Routes

Save Water & Money

There are many things that you can do around the house to help conserve our most precious resource - water. Learn water conservation tips that can not only save water, but keep our rates low and money in your pocket.

Tips and Tricks to Conserve

Water Quality Report

Water Quality Report

Download and view the 2014 Eagle Pass Water Works System Yearly Water Quality Report featuring the latest information on our water.

2014 Water Quality Report