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Eagle Pass Water Works System

The City of Eagle Pass Water Works System was created by The City of Eagle Pass City Council to provide the community with safe drinking water, on demand, and in sufficient quantity, and to remove and dispose of wastewater and its by-products in an environmentally sound manner. The system serves over 15,300 customers in the City of Eagle Pass and the County of Maverick, from North Elm Creek Subdivision on the North and all the way to El Indio, Texas seventeen miles south of the City.


Board of Trustees

City of Eagle Pass Water Works System (EPWWS) is governed by the EPWWS Board of Trustees. The Board consists of the Mayor and four members appointed by the City Council.

Johnny Ruiz Jr. – Vice Chairman
Morris Libson. – Secretary
Diana Lorena Salinas – Trustee

Benjamin Rodriguez III – Trustee

Rolando Salinas– City Mayor (Ex-Officio Member)


Jorge Barrera – General Manager
Jorge Flores – Assistant General Manager

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